Belgrade Hotels is Stefanon's place to advertise Belgrade Hotels. You are now, as a hotel, a relevant competitor to Belgrade accommodation.
Hotels in Belgrade are intended mainly for business people and tourists for short stays in Belgrade.
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Belgrade hotels are a common choice for guests looking for accommodation in Belgrade. However, a Belgrade hotel is only suitable for some Belgrade guests. Belgrade hotels as guest accommodation are interesting in situations where only one person is a business person. Accommodation, a hotel in Belgrade is an acceptable solution in this case. Although the accommodation offered by the hotels is usually more expensive than the Belgrade apartments, but they also offer a different type of service, services, a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant within the hotel, etc. When looking for single-person accommodation, Belgrade hotels can be the solution.
However, when it comes to accommodation in Belgrade for more people, and especially during the several days, the difference is striking - Belgrade hotels are a much more expensive accommodation option.
In addition, Belgrade hotels are partly in the center, many hotels are located a little further away, but close to the center, while some Belgrade hotels are quite far from the center of Belgrade. However, this does not affect the price of hotel accommodation but the categories of hotel, ie. the quality of accommodation that Belgrade hotels have, just in case.
If Belgrade apartments are chosen for accommodation in Belgrade, the situation is different. Prices depend mostly on the location of the apartment in Belgrade - the closer to the center, the lower the center. Of course, the quality of apartments in Belgrade, as well as when looking at hotels, affects the price, but most apartments in Belgrade have an enviable quality of accommodation.
So the dilemma - Hotels in Belgrade or apartments in Belgrade is not easy to solve, but as we mentioned, it usually boils down to the fact that hotels in Belgrade are more suitable for only one person or for one night, while apartments in Belgrade are a far more favorable solution when it is accommodation in Belgrade for more people, especially for stays longer than one day.