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Apartments Belgrade Center +381644299944, email [email protected]. With your left hand on the pictures to select your apartment. All apartments in the center of Belgrade are located near some important streets, parks, restaurants, shops, hospitals and everything that a city can offer to people's needs. We have tried to apartments Belgrade Centre are beautifully landscaped cheap and tailored to your needs and above all hygiene should be at the top level.

Depending on your needs you can choose accommodation that suits you best. All apartments have a maximum of Belgrade center equipped with all the necessary elements to satisfy the most demanding guests and welcomed them in the best possible way. Apartments Belgrade Center would like to welcome in the center of Belgrade. Agency Stefanoni made an effort to provide you a pleasant stay in the center of Belgrade in our comfortable apartments.

Apartments Belgrade Center is located in the center of Belgrade and to the following attractive locations:

Apartments Belgrade Center Vracar - Golsvortijeva street

Apartments Belgrade Center Slavia - street Vukice Mitrovic

Apartments Belgrade Center Stari Grad - street Skenderbegova

Apartments Belgrade Center - street on March 27

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Beograd centar - apartmani za izdavanje


New Apartments for Rent in Belgrade Center is your one stop destination for finding the best quality and comfortable Belgrade center apartments at the most amazing prices. Whether you are looking for short or long-term rental apartment, we have apartments designed to meet your specific needs. Located in Belgrade center, our apartments come with all the comforts and features you need in a rental property.

We have a wide range of Belgrade center apartments for all types of renting needs – single, double, triple and four-bedroom apartments. Find the best rental apartments with us and enjoy your stay.

Belgrade Center Apartments in the Best Location

Our apartments are conveniently located in the Belgrade Center, which offers easy access to many popular places like restaurants, bars, pubs, parks, and more. The apartments offer great view along with great design. Whether its traveling convenience or recreational activities, you will find everything you need in a rental apartment that meets your specific needs in the most efficient way.

Furnished Apartment with All the Comforts

When you come to Belgrade and need to stay for weeks or months, you need a rental apartment that is furnished to meet your needs. Our apartment is furnished with bed, furniture, TV, WiFi, bathroom with shower, curtains, carpet, and fully equipped kitchen. All these comforts are available for making your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Affordable New Belgrade Apartments

Our Belgrade Center Apartments are located in one of the best places in the city. With all the comforts and great location, our apartments are highly affordable for renting. We do not charge commission for apartment renting. Our prices are highly affordable and straightforward without any hidden charges. We offer cheap apartments for renting purposes for short, long and vacation needs.

For any questions, please email us at: [email protected] or call us on 06 442 99 944

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    Apartment Belgrade center Knez Mihajlova

    Apartment Knez is located in the main street (pedestrian zone) in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova.

    Center 4Persons
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    Belgrade - APARTMAN 4

    Stefanon center Belgrade Apartment accommodation #4, in the center of the old city of Belgrade, Skenderbegova Street. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kalemegdan Fortress, the shopping area center

    Center 6Person 1Parking
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    Apartment Belgrade - APARTMAN 1

    Stefanon Belgrade Apartment accommodation #1, downtown location, Vračar, Golsvordijeva Street, 120 square meters. Two well known Belgrade parks, Vukov Spomenik and Tas Majdan, are located in the vicinity, as well as the Metro.

    Vracar, Vuk Monument 9Person 1Parking
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    Apartment in Belgrade - APARTMAN 2, Vukice Mitrović street

    Belgrade Apartment accommodation #2, downtown location, Vračar, Vukice Mitrović Street, 54 square meters. The apartment is contemporary, with two bedrooms (French beds), cable TV, cable internet, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and terrace.

    Vracar 4Persons
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    Belgrade apartment - APARTMAN 3

    Stefanon Residence Belgrade Apartment accommodation #3, downtown location, Vračar, Vukice Mitrović Street, 27 square meters. The apartment is contemporary, with a bedroom, cable TV, cable internet, a fully equipped kitchen, and a shower bath.

    Vracar 2Persons
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    Belgrade apartments center Hilandarska

    Belgrade apartment Hilandarska street.

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