How are the Rental Apartments taken care of during the Pandemic of COVID 19

How are the Rental Apartments taken care of during the Pandemic of COVID-19?

The state of emergency has now gradually come to a rest, while the borders are opening up, and airline transport is now serviceable. Also, our life is now restoring to normalcy, even though at a snail-speed, recovery is taking place. But, what we need to keep in mind is not everything is normal yet. Especially, people who travel from one place to another for a business purpose need to be extra cautious. In this article, we will talk about how the Belgrade Center Apartments are being taken care of to ensure the safety of future tenants. The apartment owners are putting up their best foot forward to deal with the post-COVID-19 scenario.

Read on to find out how the apartments are being a better place for the residents and why you should call quits on staying in a hotel and rather switch to the rented apartments for a short-term basis.

How are the business owners taking care of their services in the post-COVID scenario?

Now that mass isolation and state of emergency have subsided, the city public and intercity transportation services have resumed their functioning. Also, the cafes and restaurants in Belgrade are opening up their doors to welcome the customers, and numerous shopping centers and shops are operational. Also, the business owners are doing their best in recovering the state of the economy to what it was before COVID-19 pandemic. This case applies to tourism as well, which, after all, is the branch that was severely affected due to the global pandemic.

The agencies, hotels, vacation rentals, and the Belgrade Center Apartments are getting ready for the upcoming summer season and trying their best to revive their services in the best way possible. Also, the owners of the service apartments are putting in all efforts to make the journey of their fellow travelers as comfortable as possible. The service apartments are finally coming back to life now, after being shut down for months at a time are being once again functional.

Why should you stay in service apartments after coronavirus pandemic instead of hotels?

Even when the matters of COVID-19 are under control and people have started to resume their traveling jobs, it wouldn’t be safe right away to stay at a hotel and get yourself exposed to the deadly virus once again. Instead, you always have the option to opt for the rental apartments for your short-term visits. Here, we have listed a few reasons that will help you understandwhy you should stay in the Belgrade Center Apartments.

1-Exposure to a group of people and shared facilities is minimized:

As a matter of fact, even when you live in a five-star accommodated hotel, they are often exposed to several bacteria and germs because of the very fact that different kinds of people operate hotels. Also, the facilities offered in the hotels such as the conference rooms, rooms used by the other guests, gyms, swimming pools, bars, and other shared facilities will have people in them. Even if the hotel is well- manned and ample precaution is taken, you can never be careful enough.

However, when you stay in a furnished apartment, you have the house-keeping staff assigned to your residence, who will clean up your living space in one shot,and you don’t even have to risk yourself to any number of people. This is one of the prime reasons why people are advised to stay in a furnished rental apartment instead of a hotel room.

2-Shared buffets Vs. Personal kitchen:

Traveling is one of the best parts for the food lovers as they get the opportunity to try out a variety of dishes from multiple cuisines. However, the current scenario would suggest you make decisions otherwise. Even when you are traveling to a new place and staying at a hotel, trying out menus from the buffet could expose you to a health risk. A variety of staff members prepares the food in a hotel, and even one of them is sick; it could be perilous, especially in the post-COVID scenario.

On the other hand, when you live in the Belgrade Center Apartments,you will have your furnished kitchen. You can buy your choice of groceries and prepare your meal. This will help you to eat freshly cooked food, without worrying about all the germs you could be exposing yourself to. Also, there is no exposed risk of food contamination from workers who aren’t healthy enough.

3-Hotel furniture, pillows, and bedspreads could be exposed to germs:

Are you still living with the notion that the hotel room is hygienic enough and adequately sanitized because it looks so? Well, you need to think again! The hotel rooms could be a veritable breeding bed for the growth of harmful bacteria and germs, which could give you the staph infection or flu. As we have mentioned above in the post-COVID situation, none of us can be extra careful. There is always room for errors when it comes to taking precautions. Starting from bedspreads to TV remotes, switchboards, table lamps, utility desk, mini-bar, and the doors and windows, all spaces are exposed to germs. And make sure not to forget that.

But, when the service apartments are concerned, they are used by fewer people, and you are at a far lesser risk of being exposed to the virus or any other germ for that matter. Moreover, the members of the cleaning staff of Belgrade Center Apartments do not handle more than one or at max two apartments at a time. That makes it easier for the housekeepers to perform their job diligently without making any errors.

Bottom Line:

As far as the maintenance of the Belgrade Center Apartments and flats are concerned,the proper disinfection and sanitization are mandatory. If you do not want to entertain any cleaning service personnel to take care of your apartment during your stay, you can always request the homeowner for the availability of disinfection products and keep yourself from being exposed to any unsafe situation. It is still a wiser idea to choose to stay in an apartment secluded from too much gathering, at least when social distancing is a priority. If you are not much of a social person anyway, this is going to serve you as a vantage point.

At Stefanon Apartments, we deal with the Belgrade Center Apartments available for short-term rentals for people who have a travel job. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the situation has become extra critical, which is why we are taking more precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our clients. We make sure to provide our guests with the contact details of all the competent services that could be of help to them to cope with in case of any emergency related to COVID-19. We have reintroduced a few norms in order to ensure the safety of our guests. To know more about these details, call us on +381 64 42 999 44 or email us at [email protected].



Soon to start college in Belgrade Stay with short-term Rental Apartments

Soon to start college in Belgrade? Stay with short-term Rental Apartments

Typically, college-going kids consider living in the on-campus dorm rooms as a part of their college life experience. But, most of the students are renting out for apartments away from the college these days. That is an obvious decision –because, despite the experience offered in the dorm rooms and the feeling of living close to your college, there are certain factors, which can be tough to deal with. In this article, we will discuss with you why renting New Belgrade Apartments could be your best option.

Why is living Off-Campus the best choice?

Finding an apartment off-campus would seem like a liberating option. And trust us –it is what it looks! You can thank us later for it! Initially, though living in the dorm room of your college may come across as a fascinating option, gradually, you would want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of the college environment. This is when you will wish to move out to a rental apartment, and you would face difficulty then in locating an excellent apartment as all the best choices won’t be available to you once the classes start on a full-fledge.

Here are some of the pros, which you should consider when you are about to make a decision about your living on or off-campus.

1-You can choose your roommate:

Yes! We had to mention this point as one of the advantages that you can have when you stay in New Belgrade Apartments off-campus. Having an annoying roommate, who makes your college life a living hell, can be a disastrous choice to make. Also, on the other hand, you can choose your roommate with whom you decide to rent your apartment. Although you don’t need to have one, it would be in your best interest to share your apartment with as at the end of the month; you can split the rent as well.

In this way, you won’t have to go overboard with your budget plans, and you can share the rent with your trusted friend as well. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan to you?

2-You can have more space:

One of the reasons why students, more often than not, opt to stay in rental apartments is –they can get more space to keep in. Even you are getting one room entirely to yourself after sharing the apartment with your friend, that is way better than just staying in a cramped dorm room with no space to call your own. Especially if you are a private person and would love to have some time to yourself, then this is the probable choice you would want to make.

3-Good for your life out of college:

Living in an apartment a little away from the campus has its perks. You can have a sense of balance between your college and personal life. If you want to work while pursuing your studies, it would be best for you to stay in the New Belgrade Apartments.You can choose to stay in an apartment that is located at equidistance from your workplace and college campus. In this way, the process of commuting certainly gets more comfortable. Also, if you have a family, living off-campus will make your life much better.

4-School Breaks won’t be tension for you:

Whenever it is time for a school break, especially in the summers –if you live in the dorm room, you will have tension about it closing down during the breaks’ seasons. However, when you choose to live in an apartment, this is not something that you would have to worry about. As long as you are paying your rent in time, you won’t have to worry about your apartment shutting down anytime soon. Also, you won’t have the stress of moving out at the end of every year to a new dorm room.

When you live in a college dorm, there are specific strict rules that you need to abide by. But, when you live in your rented apartment, you make your own set of rules, and there are no restrictions or a warden to answer to. After all, who wants to go to college and then feel like an adult trapped with all sets of rules and strict regulations? When you rent New Belgrade Apartments, you get to live a more independent life.

How can you get an apartment in Belgrade as a student?

Most of the rental companies and landlords have strict requirements when it comes to paying your rent. As a student, you might face a situation when it could be difficult for you to rent an apartment.However, there are specific ways in which you can get New Belgrade Apartments to rent. Here are some of the tips that you should take into consideration:

You can ask a family member or a friend to cosign you for the apartment lease: When you plan to rent an apartment as a student, the contract is where the entire problem occurs. So, you can ask your friend who you are going to share your rented apartment with –to sign the lease along with you.

Pay in advance: One of the best ways to get your homeowner to trust you is by paying in advance. You would pay the rent of the apartment eventually anyway, so why not pay upfront and gain some trust in return. When you go ahead and put down a more significant security amount, there is no reason why you wouldn’t get an excellent apartment to rent even when you are a college student.

Look for a roommate: Many people first lease an apartment and then look for a roommate in order to share the rent with. This will lower down the burden on you for paying the rent every month. You can easily enjoy all the benefits of living in the New Belgrade Apartments at half a budget.

Bottom Line:

Although, for most, living in the dorm rooms of the college sounds like a good plan, it could instead be expensive. Yes, you read it correctly! Living in a dorm room can be costlier than you think it to be. Also,you cannot enjoy the lavish lifestyle of an apartment-living, and you will have to share the cramped rooms with unknown people. Only if you are lucky, you can get good roommates; otherwise, God bless your graduation years! On the other hand, the perks offered by the New Belgrade Apartments are in abundance.

Are you looking for New Belgrade Apartments to lease as a student? Then, you have landed up in the right place. At Stefanon Apartments, we deal with a variety of apartments throughout Belgrade. Even if you are a student and have a low budget to rent an apartment, we will have excellent choices to offer to you. To know more about the details of the apartment before you rent it –call us on +381 64 42 999 44 or drop an email at [email protected].



Top 10 tourist attractions to check out at Belgrade during your stay at rental apartments

Top 10 tourist attractions to check out at Belgrade during your stay at rental apartments

If you ever pay a visit to Belgrade for some official work or any other work, you must be wondering what you can do during your free time while you stay there. Well,you should not forget that there are a plethora of tourist spots in Belgrade that’ll take your breath away. The city has earned its reputation because of both modern, as well as historic tourist attractions. While you look for Belgrade Center Apartments, you can choose one which is near to a tourist spot.


In this guide, we’ve curated a list of most popular tourist spots that you should definitely visit when you’re here.

1. Skadarlija Street:

Skadarlija street is all about young people enjoying Belgrade’s spirit with the old-town band’s live performance. Also known as the “Montmarte of Belgrade,” this street was once a focal point of Yugoslav and Serbian artists, poets, and writers. Restaurants have worldwide celebrities as their regular guests, and they take pride in that.

What separates Skadarlija from the rest of the places, is its beautiful history, promenade,and its popular traditional Belgrade restaurants and taverns. Do pay a visit to this place to relax with a drink, while the music inthe background soothes your mind.

2. Ada Ciganlija:

For a dose of entertainment in the evening, Ada Ciganlija would be the perfect place. You can go rollerblading or cycling on the nature paths and bike trails surrounding the lake. All around the year, several sports events are held in which people participate in large numbers.Whether its water-skiing or bungee jumping, the place offers a lot of activities to keep the tourists engaged.

However, if you’re visiting this place during summers, you’d find a bunch of locals lounging by the seaside. With plenty of restaurants and bars to freshen you up, you can also join the flock of Belgrade locals.

Since these apartments come with a kitchen, bathroom, dining, bedroom, and a study room, you can move all-around freely. This way, your bedroom would only be for sleeping, and you can concentrate on your official work in the study.

3. Republic Square

Situated amidst the town of Belgrade, Republic square flaunts the most famous public buildings, such as the National Theatre and Nation Museum. It’s particularly famous for Prince Mihailo’s monument on the back of a horse. This was built to symbolize his achievement of the 19 TH century. Currently, this place is brimming with tourists because of its lounges, beauty, cafes, and restaurants. You can easily get an apartment near this place. Just type in Belgrade center apartments near republic square, and you’re done.

4. St.Marko Church:

Being one of the most important landmarks of Belgrade, this Orthodox church stands proudly at the Tasmajdan park. The church was built in the memory of Evangelist Mark and Holy Apostle. Not just that, being the most imposing and second-largest church in the city,it’s also home to the tomb of Dusan the Mighty, Serbia’s strongest and most powerful ruler. This place holds great historical and cultural meaning for the people of Serbia.

5. Zemun:

 Zemun is all about independence and history. Back during the 1930s, Belgrade has swallowed up Zemun, which was a part of the Austrian Empire. This is why you’ll experience a different kind of atmosphere when you visit this place. Apart from a different atmosphere,you’ll also get to see one of the finest views, which isthe Millennium Tower and Gardos Hill.If seafood tickles your fancy, then this place should be top on your one-stop list. Don’t forget to set the location near Zemun, while you’re searching forBelgrade center apartments online.

6. National Assembly

If you hold interest in visiting historical places, then the National Assembly is a must-visit.Serbia’s history was writtenin this particular place. Here, Slobodan Milosevic was forced by the people to accept the presidentship of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. As Serbia’s biggest revolution happened here, this place holds historical importance.

You should not miss this incredible beauty, which witnessed Serbia’s biggest revolution in modern history. Successful people such as sportsmen are welcomed here after their victories, and concerts are held in this building regularly.

7. Cetinjska Street

Cetinjska Street is always brimming with Expats, Hipsters, Tourists, Artists, and alternative souls. Zaokret, Dvoristance, and Polet come under the most visited venues. During the morning,Polet is occupied by coffee lovers, and during the afternoon, people come here to taste the best wine. Apart from that, Polet remains famous, particularly for its Art Gallery,which hosts interesting exhibitions frequently.

Dvoristance has earned its popularity for being the ex-home of Hipsters. However, in recent times, it entertains a crowd of people enjoying wines and coffees. Lastly, Zaokret gets its reputation for being a pre-party venue with good music during the weekends. Several Belgrade center apartments are available near this place to choose from. Make sure you book your stay ahead of your arrival to ensure availability and avoid last-minute issues.

/8. Avala Tower

The tower has got its name from the mount over which it stands proudly. Located in the southern suburbs, the structure is an observation and telecommunication. It flaunts an amazing height of 205 meters, and that is why it’s considered as the tallest tower of Belgrade, Balkans, and Serbia. Apart from providing an amazing view, the base also has an ethnic-gallery, souvenir shop, restaurant, sports field, and an outdoor gym.

Not only it’s a pride for Serbia and Belgrade, but it also is a symbol of honor for Yugoslavia.During 1999, this structure was destroyed by the forces of NATO, but it again got its former look in 2009. One can get a splendid view of the surrounding on a regular sunny day.


Belgrade has everything that’s required to make someone’s trip memorable as well as relaxing. With a tangible history, monumental architecture, and happening nightlife, this city never actually stops.Now that you know about all the places that’ll make your trip worthy, don’t forget to look for Belgrade center apartments before you pay a visit. Their people, culture, architectural design,natural beauty, food, music, and dance will be etched onto your heart forever. You can binge on some yummy-licious food while you enjoy the nature’s beauty. What could you possibly ask more for a soothing vacation?

ApartmaniStefanon is your ultimate solution to all your rental apartment queries. Our team brings your apartments in Belgrade, which are tailored to fit your budget and needs. If you’re not a big fan of hotel stays and you’re looking for something home-like, then you’ve come to the right place. With all necessities such as a parking space, WiFi connection, kitchen, kitchen supplies, washing machine, TV, furniture, bed, carpet, curtains, and bathroom, we try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Whether you need an apartment for 2-3 days, a couple of weeks, or even a month, we’ll bring the best apartment for you. If you’ve got any other doubts, contact us via mail at [email protected] or you can also call us on0644299944



How to find a perfect short term Apartment Stefanon

How to find a perfect short-term Apartment?

If your job involves being constantly on the move, then getting a permanent apartment for yourself is of no use. As you hop from one city/country to another, you’d need a place to stay. If hotel stays are not your thing, then you should definitely go for short-term apartments. Unlike hotels, by getting a short-term apartment, you get more space. Also, they might be less fancy than a hotel, but they’re as comfortable as your home. If your next project is based in Belgrade, it’s recommended to get an apartment for rent in Belgrade.

Several companies have come up to provide accommodation of your choice. If you’re ever in need of a short-term apartment, you can always look over the internet. However, now some of you must be wondering how do you get the perfect apartment. Well, before going into details, let’s first fully understand what a short-term apartment is.

How do Short-term Apartments Work?

The site which deals with providing short-term apartments allow people with extra room, share space, or an entire apartment for rent in Belgrade. In their websites, they write descriptions, host lists, post photos online for advertisement. All the details that you’ll ever need will be up on their site. To get done with your booking, you just have to go over all the options available at the site, find an apartment of your choice, create your account, and request for booking. You’ll be sent the confirmation, once the house owner accepts your request.

Not just that, some websites also allow a user to book an apartment instantly without having to wait for the owner’s permission. Also, you can read about the apartment and the host, the reviews, and all the amenities that are included. Apart from that, to be sure about your location, most sites offer a map. In this way, you can get an apartment which is close to your temporary office or a place of attraction. Whether it’s a stay of 2-3 days, a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months, you’ll get an apartment without much trouble.

Features to look for in a short-term apartment

For your short-term apartment to be perfect or comfortable, it should have the following features/amenities.

1. Kitchen:

One of the things that make your stay in short-term apartments better than hotel stays is the availability of a kitchen. Unlike in hotels, you get to prepare your meal just the way you like it. The site should’ve photographs of the kitchen area and the appliances to give you a clear picture of how it’s going to be. If a home-cooked meal is your first priority, while looking for an apartment for rent in Belgrade , make sure the kitchen has pans, pots, and other necessities. Kitchen furnishing plays a big role in your stay, especially when you’re fond of home-cooked meals.

2. An extra room

While you’re out of town for a business trip, go for a short-term apartment instead of a hotel stay. This is because when you stay at a hotel, there’s only one room for you, and you’ve to eat, sleep, and work inside the walls of that particular room. If you’re claustrophobic and you can’t be bound within a small space, get a short-term apartment.

Since these apartments come with a kitchen, bathroom, dining, bedroom, and a study room, you can move all-around freely. This way, your bedroom would only be for sleeping, and you can concentrate on your official work in the study.

3. Bed

Different apartments come with different kinds of beds, such as a pullout couch, futon, or a king-size bed. While you’re searching for an apartment for rent in Belgrade , you’ll be given every detail about the place. Not just that, you will also be provided with the kind of mattress the bed has, it’s the size and everything.

So, make your choice accordingly. The problem with a foldable bed is that you’ve to fold it every morning you wake up, or else it’ll cover up most of the space. Do proper research and go through the pictures before you book your stay with any house owner.

4. Other considerations and amenities

Additionally, to make your short-term stay productive and perfect, the apartment must have the following features.

  • Wifi: Wifi is very important if you are on the move for official work. So, while going through the details of the apartment, look through the reviews, and see if anyone has commented regarding the same. You can also directly contact the site and ask whether it has got a WiFi-connected apartment or not.
  • Washing machine: Even though going to a laundromat is not much of a task, having a washing machine can still save you time. While staying overseas, finding dryers isn’t easy, and this is why having a washing machine at the apartment is preferable.
  • Parking: If you’re covering the distance by road with your own vehicle, make sure the apartment you’ve chosen comes with a parking area. Where would you place your expensive car if there’s no parking space?
  • Elevator: Dragging yourself all the way to your room through the stairs is a nightmare, especially if you’ve got knee problems. So, see whether your room is located at the ground-level or upstairs. And even if it’s located upstairs, see whether it has an elevator or not.


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Since everyone has different requirements or expectations, our checklist might not be similar to yours. We aim to convey that you should look for all the amenities or features while getting an apartment for your short stay. You might not get a place which fulfills all your requirements, but your visit would still be more comfortable than a hotel stay. When you’ve access to home-cooked meals, a spacious room, a wifi connection, a comfortable bed, and an extra room to work, what could you possibly ask more? Most of the rental sites are now working day in and out to bring you the best apartments with most amenities and features.

If you’re looking for a reliable rental site that offers the best short-term apartments, then ApartmaniStefanon is your one-stop solution. Our apartment for rent in Belgrade is the blend of luxury and comfort and is located in some of the popular places in Belgrade. Our apartments come with facilities like TV, shower, bed, Wifi, furniture, kitchen, and much more. One thing you can be sure about is, there are no hidden charges or extra commission for renting out apartments. Our prices are best and competitive in the industry and won’t empty your pocket for providing comfort. We’ve flats that are just 20 minutes away from the airport. You’re just one call away from making your stay memorable and comfortable with us. If you’ve got further queries, contact us via mail at [email protected] or call us on +381644299944..



Why should corporate stays switch to service apartments

Why should corporate stays switch to service apartments?

More often than not, you must have come across a situation when you had to book a corporate stay for your colleague, your boss, or even for yourself. One of the prime decisions of the entire tour is based on the sources of accommodations that you have. And some immediately opt to stay in a hotel room out of habit. But, after you have finished reading this article, you will be convinced as to why you should stay in Apartmani Beograd Centar. We have listed almost all the reasons for the increasing popularity of the serviced apartments.

Read on this article to know about the benefits offered by the short-stay serviced apartments and consider them while making your booking for the next corporate stay.

1-No compromise for space:

When you stay in a corporate serviced apartment, you are, on average, receiving more than 30% more space as compared to that of a hotel suite. But why are spacious rooms or living spaces so crucial for corporate stays? When you are forced to stay away from home and leave behind all the comfort of your home behind for business trips, it gets quite challenging to meet up with the pressure of the professional demands.

And staying in a small or claustrophobic space will entirely limit your thought process and increase the workload as well. Therefore, it is advised for you to opt for an Apartmani Beograd Centar for your corporate stay.

2-Enhanced personal services:

The personal services offered in the corporate stay service apartments have jumped to the next level in rivalry with the most attentive and luxurious hotel services. Now when you stay in an apartment for your business trip, you will be provided with professional support to carry out the essential daily-life activities.

Now, while staying in an apartment, you do not have to worry about your cooking, cleaning, laundry,dish-washing, or other everyday chores. That is because professionals will be appointed for you to get your work done. All you need to do is relax and take the benefit of all the services throughout your stay.

3-Productivity is increased:

We understand how pressurizing it can get to handle the demands of corporate life, especially while you are away from home in an unknown place. However, when you switch to serviced apartments, the problem related to accommodation is lifted off from your shoulders, and you will be able to focus on your work better.

Perhaps while you are speaking at a seminar or an event, or even while you are pitching for a new deal,you cannot compromise on your attention. When you stay in Apartmani Beograd Centar , your productivity is entirely focused, and the outcome received is enhanced too when you find comfort in your stay.

4-Freedom and Privacy:

As a matter of fact, even when people are well aware of the concepts of the serviced apartments, they are kept from staying at one because of the increasing bills. However, let us tell you that this is entirely a myth. Serviced apartments are not an expensive option for corporate stays! For the companies that undertake lengthy and regular business trips in centers like Belgrade, having a well-established relationship with the serviced apartments can fetch you maximum results. It is one of the most economical approaches to adopt. This could help you save a significant amount of money.

Also, when you are making your payment in-bulk, you will get a discount on the bill. When you book rooms at a hotel, you are making the payment per-night. On the other hand, in the service apartments,you will make a payment based on the number of days you have stayed in the apartment, and that will save your money.

5-Freedom and Privacy:

Freedom and privacy are some of the essential aspects, and they go hand in hand when you consider living in a serviced apartment. While you are enjoying the excellent services offered in the Apartmani Beograd Centar , you get to have the entire place to yourself and have the privacy and freedom that you desire; which is we think is compromised in the hotels. In the hotels you are surrounded by unknown people all the time, your suite is the only place that is not invaded by strangers.

When it comes to sharing the amenities, they get shared when you live in a hotel room. However, a corporate stay works towards bringing that balance back into your lives. Sharing a space with other people can disturb you more than you can imagine, while you are constrained by the dining times as well. Living in the serviced apartments serve as a contrast to this scenario and offers you all the privacy that you deserve and have even paid for. Also, you have the freedom to come and go according to your needs and work schedules.

6-Live in Prime Locations:

Typically, hotels are located in the industrial areas of the city that continuously receive busy thoroughfares. However, when you choose to stay in a corporate serviced apartment, you get to choose to live in your desired location of the city, which could be far away from the hustle-bustle. Also, what if you had to stay in a hotel suite that is situated at a distance from your office? You will have to travel all the way across the city to reach the destination and spend precious hours of your day in the traffic.

On the other hand, when you select the Apartmani Beograd Centar, you get to stay in the location of your choice. And there are several residential areas across Belgrade where you can choose your serviced apartment and enjoy a peaceful experience from all the noise beneficial.

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Bottom Line:

So when you or representatives from your business travel to places such as Belgrade, their performance,and well-being will have a direct impact on your company. As a matter of fact, you should take good care of the employees that are always traveling to faraway places. And the next time they go on a corporate trip book Apartmani Beograd Centar for your employees. It makes sense to book superior accommodation facilities for the employees or even for yourself when you are taking a business trip.That is because working in a place away from home can disrupt your performance level if you didn’t receive the desired amount of satisfaction and comfort.

Are you looking for Apartmani Beograd Centar? Then you have landed up in the correct place. AtStefanon Apartments, we aim to fulfill the needs of our clients and meet up to their expectations. We have several apartments spread all across Belgrade, and you can choose to stay in your desired location.To know more about our services and the apartments that we deal with, you can drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on +381644299944.



Landed a job in Belgrade Here is where to stay before finding your dream home

Landed a job in Belgrade? Here is where to stay before finding your dream home!

Traveling jobs might seem so cool; after all, you get to visit foreign lands every now and then. And you also get to discover so many new and exciting places, while you are on your business trips. Although the perks of meeting unfamiliar people, trying out new cuisines, and knowing different traditions seem so exciting, what most of us don’t understand is –with traveling jobs, you will have to go through the trouble of shifting your home too. Staying in the hotel rooms makes traveling jobs difficult after a certain point in time.

Therefore, by understanding all your woes, we have decided to write this article, which will help you know as to why you must stay in the Belgrade Center Apartments instead of a hotel room until you have found your dream home to settle down in the city. Read on to find out about the service apartments in detail.

1-Stay in fully furnished apartments:

The service apartments are generally equipped with the best quality wooden or metal wardrobes and furniture. You can safely store all your belongings and your luggage. Typically, the service apartments in Belgrade or any other place for that matter are a better choice than that of the hotel rooms. You have the province to use up the furnished kitchens and bathroom, have access to the luxurious electric appliances, including –TV, washing machines, dryer, dishwasher, plug sockets, and more.

These are all the stuff that you can expect in a modernized apartment, which isn’t available to you in the hotels. Therefore, when you shift to Belgrade for a job, and you don’t have a home yet to finalize, instead of staying in a clumsy hotel room, opt for the service apartments and take advantage of all the luxury that you can during your stay.

2-Privacy and space:

Although staying in a hotel is going to offer you a TV, a well-equipped bathroom, facility of having tea or coffee, telephone services, and more, there isn’t going to be the freeness that you would usually experience when you stay in your home. And that is the reason the Belgrade Center Apartments are gaining rapid popularity. You can have the benefit of staying in a home-like ambiance until and unless you find your dream home to shift to.

For someone who travels a lot, having the luxury of entering into an apartment that gives out the feeling of staying at home is much appreciated. In these rented apartments, your short-stay can be memorable. You can enter into your rented home, take off your shoes, shut the door, relax on your bed, and later cook the meal in your kitchen that you were craving throughout the day. You can do all these while having the entire place to yourself and enjoying complete privacy.

3-You can stay in the location of your choice:

Imagine the situation when you have newly shifted into an unknown place, and you choose a hotel room to stay in until you find an adequate home for yourself in the area of your choice. And you are wandering around the unknown location and get late for work on the first day itself just because you took the wrong route to your office. This is generally the trouble faced by the newcomers into the city choosing the stay in a hotel as the hotels are situated in specific areas of the city.

However, if you plan on staying in the rental Belgrade Center Apartments, your life in a foreign place becomes reasonably better. You can select the location of your choice to find a service apartment to stay in before you find a home to shift permanently in. Also, you can have the benefit of choosing a rental apartment close to your workspace so that the commuting process gets more comfortable. This is definitely one of the added advantages of staying in a rented apartment as they are not confined to the busy boulevards and business districts.

4-Live the Local Life:

You must have come across the phrase: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” That is precisely what we are trying to explain to you here. We suggest you stay in a city and live the life of a local even you are visiting it for a short span or taking a business trip. In this way, you can make the most of your traveling job. By renting apartments in Belgrade, you get a chance to look at the life here from the point of view of a local, way before you shift into your dream home here.

When you rent the Belgrade Center Apartments, you get to know your neighborhood, its local flower shops, the small designer boutiques located in the area, the pastry parlor, the local coffee shop where you would want to spend your after hours while you are not at work. Also, living in a rented apartment is way better than staying in the confined rooms of the hotel walls as you won’t be limited just to the touristic areas, and you get a chance to discover Belgrade for real.

5-Cost effective option:

When you choose to stay in the rental apartments over the hotel rooms, you are going to get a better value for your money as the rental apartments will cost you much less as compared to that of the hotel rooms. You are getting more space, more privacy, convenient location, wholly furnished spaces to live in at a lower rate, so why would you choose to stay in the hotels instead?

Also, one of the points worth mentioning here is –the longer you stay in the rented apartments, the better the deal gets. Without a doubt, the rented apartments will give you a better value for the money; you will be paying.

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Bottom Line:

The service Belgrade Center Apartments are gaining popularity in recent times because of all the world- class advantages that they have to offer to you. We have pointed out a few reasons as to why you should stay in these fully furnished rented apartments until you find a permanent home in the city. The ultimate agenda here is convenience, and that is what the rented apartments aim to offer to you. However, the ultimate choice is going to be yours to make!

Call to action:

Are you in search of the Belgrade Center Apartments in a location close to your office? At Stefanon Apartments, that is our ultimate aim –to serve our clients with the best possible apartments for their short-stay in their desired location. We have a list of apartments available for rent in Belgrade that spread across different areas in the city. If you want to avail of our services, you can give us a call at +381 64 42 999 44. You can also email us at [email protected] or Skype at stefanon.apartmani



Top 9 reasons that make short-term apartments a better choice than hotels

Top 9 reasons that make short-term apartments a better choice than hotels

Although traveling brings about fun-filled experiences of most, what we miss is the comfort of a home while we are on the move. Usually, when you are traveling for a short-term basis –whether it is for the leisure of taking business trips, people tend to go for the hotel rooms for the purpose of lodging. However, this article argues in favor of Apartments in Belgrade and why they are a better option over the hotel rooms whenever you are traveling, essentially for long term business trips.

Although staying in a hotel room comes up with its own perks, you will face several ups and downs during the whole period. You will have to face the challenges that come with the rotating of staff members, mix-ups in the reservations, you will have to compete for the use of amenities at times, and there are some underlying hassles as well. Renting a short-term apartment can be the solution to all of your problems, so you can entirely focus on your work without any distractions.

Here we have listed a few reasons why renting an apartment for the short-term is better than staying in a hotel.

1-Apartments are economical:

If you look at the economy, you can save up 25-30% of your money by renting Apartments in Belgrade instead of a hotel room for your short stay. That is because you won’t be paying your lodging fee on a per night basis, rather you are opting for a bulk payment system.

2-The apartments are spacious:

The hotel rooms, even if you stay in business suites, can be cramped as compared to that of the apartments. After a point of time, you get constricted within limits of the hotel rooms, which makes one feel claustrophobic. And in case you are on a business trip, and you have to say in a hotel room for a few months, it will mess up with your mind, and you will want space to wander. Therefore, it is always better to rent an apartment instead of going to hotel rooms.

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3-Homely feeling:

Whenever one is traveling, what they miss out the most is the feeling of staying in the comfort of a home. Although the impersonal style of a hotel suite could be appealing for a weekend stay, but cannot work in the long run. The longer you stay in a posh hotel room enclosed within walls, the more you are going to be homesick. However, when you rent Apartments in Belgrade , they will guarantee you the luxury combined with the feeling of home while away from yours.

4-Everything is limited to you:

When you opt for a furnished rental apartment for your short-stay, everything is yours, and you may use them as you please, without having to compete for the washing machine or your time in the swimming pool. You can enjoy the amenities as much as you like for as long as you want.

5-Enjoy the food:

It is definitely a perk that you won’t have to do your dishes is you eat at the hotel’s restaurant. But, imagine eating the same type of food almost every day for a month or longer and grow tired of it. What is served in the restaurant of the hotels may not match up to your dietary requirements, or meet with your desires, and you will have to pay a premium for the cheeseburger that you were craving for. However, when you have a furnished kitchen at your disposal in one of the rented Apartments in Belgrade, you can take charge to prepare something in the kitchen of your choice.

6-House-keeping services:

JAlthough when you stay in a hotel, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of your room or have to do your laundry. But, imagine that 7 am knock at the door even after you have put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign! When you stay in a short-term apartment, some of their services extend up to cleaning of the apartments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or another basis. You can leave the work to be done by the cleaning professionals.

When it comes to laundry, why do you need to pay extra for the dry-cleaning services and laundry charges, or pump coins into the washer as well as the dryer, when you can do it at any given point of time in your rented apartment in your machine? That is another reason we would always suggest you went to the rented apartments for your short stay instead of hotels.

7-Advantages of the amenities:

Most of the hotels do claim about providing you with indoor and outdoor amenities that include pool, spa, free Wi-Fi, common bars, restaurants, or gyms, and perhaps add a concierge service as well. But, with the increase in demand for the rented and some corporate rentals, these apartments have now started offering similar amenities to its inmates, so you do not have to share these luxuries with a large number of people.

8-Apartments are pet-friendly:

Apart from the service animals, most of the hotels do not have pet-friendly norms. However, the short-term apartments or corporate suites mostly allow you to bring your pet along, so you don’t have to board your pet away from you during your business trip.

9-You can stay at a place of your choice:

Typically, hotels are clumped with people when located in the areas of tourist interests, the corporate apartments have no such restrictions or obligations, and can be found in any place. That makes your stay even more comfortable because you won’t have to travel long distances in order to reach your destination. You can choose to rent Apartments in Belgrade in locations of your choice. This will reduce your commuting hours drastically.

Bottom Line:

There are several reasons as to why one should opt for the short-term Apartments in Belgrade for their business trips. When you stay in a homely environment, you get to concentrate on your work better, and you won’t be as homesick as you would rather be by living in a hotel room for a long time. Now, these rented corporate apartments on the higher side and more people are addressing their importance. It is time that you did too.

Are you looking for renting Apartments in Belgrade ? Well, then you are looking in the correct direction. At Stefanon Apartments, we make sure to listen to your needs and find a place for you that will cater to your requirements. Our aim is to provide satisfactory results to our customers and provide them with furnished apartments that will definitely make their traveling experience better. You can choose from the different locations listed in our folders to select the residence you would want to rent. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed. To make your bookings today call us at +381644299944 or you can email us at [email protected]



How to Choose the Perfect Rental Apartment in Belgrade Stefanon

How to Choose the Perfect Rental apartment in Belgrade

Belgrade is a beautiful city with many beautiful locations, which makes it one of the best places to live. It has a very interesting history, and culture which are another reason why the place is perfect for vacation and even working.

Whether you are in Belgrade for a day, a week, a month or a year, apartments in Belgrade are the best option of accommodation. Unlike the hotels and vacation homes, the rental apartments offer better accommodation as well as freedom. There are many apartments in Belgrade to rent, but not all of them are designed to meet your needs. It is important to consider a few important things before choosing a rental apartment in Belgrade.

Belgrade is a large city with plenty of options which can overwhelm anyone. But don’t worry, because you don’t have to waste much time looking for the right apartment for renting in Belgrade.

Here are the things you need to consider when looking for the right rental apartment in Belgrade:

Here are the things you need to consider when looking for the right rental apartment in Belgrade:

1. Location is Everything

When it comes to renting an apartment in Belgrade, location is everything. Whether you are here as tourist or for business or studies, you need to find apartment that is close to the destination. For instance, if you are here for work, you need to find rental apartment that is located close to where your workplace is located. Likewise, you want to rent the apartment that is close to the locations you want to visit as a tourist.

Transportation, food, refreshments and entertainment are some of the things that are very important. Look for apartment that is located close to all of these things. You don’t want to waste time looking for food or taxi while you are getting late for work. It is important that you choose an apartment that offers easy access to transportation and other important things.

Apartments in Belgrade are available in various popular locations. You can choose the apartment located in a convenient place.

2. Duration of the Stay

One of the best things about rental apartments in Belgrade is that they are available for all type of renting purposes. For instance, if you are just in the city for a day, you can still rent an apartment and enjoy all the benefits and comforts it comes with. Likewise, you can easily find the apartment for renting it for couple of days, weeks or may be a month.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to rental apartments in Belgrade. You can choose how long you wish to stay in the apartment. Unlike hotels, the rental apartments offer more privacy and home-like comfort. With the same or less amount of money, you get to enjoy more space, benefits and privacy. This is one of the many reasons why renting an apartment in Belgrade is a wise decision as opposed to booking a hotel room.

Rental apartment comes with all the comfort you want in your home. From a well- furnished kitchen to bathroom and furniture, there is no lack of comfort or entertainment. You will feel like you are staying in your own home.

3. Cost of the Apartment

Renting an apartment will cost money, but it should be within your budget. The cost of renting apartment is equal if not lower than the hotels. But, with the apartment you get to enjoy more freedom, facilities and comforts that are lacking in the hotel rooms. This makes renting apartments in Belgrade even more practical. Make sure to decide on a budget so that you can stick to it.

Before you decide to rent the apartment, it is important to ask yourself whether you can really afford it. Whether for work or pleasure, renting an apartment will cost money and that should be a part of your plan. Create a budget, allocate an amount for the renting purpose and stick to it.

If you are searching online, make sure to enquire about the cost. Tell them the amount you wish to spend on renting the apartments. This will make the search easy and faster. You can check out the apartments for renting purposes online. Most of the website do have price information along with the pictures. This can help you decide how much money you need to spend on renting the apartment.

4. What Type of Rooms You Need?

When it comes to rental apartments in Belgrade, you can choose from various available options. From single bedroom apartment to multiple bedroom apartment, you have the option to choose as per your needs. Check out the space or ask for details on the phone about how may rooms they have. Likewise, you can state how many your rooms you need.

Apartment for a family of 4 or 5 will need more rooms. You can easily rent the apartment based on how many people will be staying. Plus, you need a kitchen, living area so that the family can easily enjoy the space. It is important to check out the space in person or visit the website for more details. Most of the websites do have multiple photos of the room along with the information on the size of the room.

The best thing about the rental apartments in Belgrade is that you can easily find the perfect size apartment in your budget. All you need to do is find the right broker or provider.

5. Amenities

Again, rental apartments in Belgrade come with many amenities. But you need to choose the one that matches your need. For instance, if you don’t have a car, you don’t need to focus on large parking areas. If you are traveling with small kids, you will need amenities like in-home washer and dryer, storage areas or playground nearby.

If you like to workout daily, you need to find the apartment that offers gym facility in the compound. This way, you don’t have to travel to another location for workout sessions. Likewise, look for facilities that are designed to meet your needs efficiently. Make a list of amenities you want in your rental apartment in Belgrade so that you can easily find the one you are looking for.

6. Safety

Safety features are as important as any other features. From the location to the lock system and the security system in the building, it is important to consider the level of safety it offers. Before you sign the lease, make sure that the place offers better safety features. Whether you are here for a day or week, safety is paramount. Nobody want to be robbed or want their apartment burgled.

You can ask for all the safety details in the building before making the final decision. This will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right apartment for staying in Belgrade.

The Bottom-line

Apartments in Belgrade are designed to make your stay in city more comfortable and enjoyable. To find the right apartment, you need to consider a few important things like cost, location, amenities and others. Look for the right things and you will get the apartment you need. offers the best rental apartments in Belgrade some of the most amazing locations and comes with luxuries like internet, air conditions, modern furniture, cable TV and much more. For more details, you can contact us here - +381 64 42 999 44.



Popular destinations to visit in and around Belgrade during your stay with Belgrade Apartments

Popular destinations to visit in and around Belgrade during your stay with Belgrade apartments

Considered as one of the ancient towns of the European, Belgrade lies between the Sava and Danube Rivers. Also, it’s titled as the largest town of Serbia. Enriched with an amazing history, this city proves to be a major tourist attraction in Europe. If history fascinates you, then this is the ideal destination for your next trip. And while you are here, be rest assured about your stay. Belgrade apartments for rent during your vacation will make you feel like home.

Apart from admiring the rich history, there’s so much more to this city. From taking a boat and enjoying a drink to strolling down the banks, you can have so much fun. Whether you are a foodie, historical enthusiast, or simply a traveler, this city is not going to disappoint you. Mentioned below are some of the places you mustn’t miss at any cost.

1. Belgrade Fortress

Let’s begin with the rich history that this place holds. Nestled on a high ridge, the Belgrade Fortress is the most enticing place for history enthusiasts. In the past, this surrounded the whole city and used to prevent the entry of invaders such as Huns, Romans, and Celts.

The fortress had witnessed battles that resulted in bloodshed and the death of many people. Although, all you can see today is the beauty of the Fortress when you visit there. While you’re on your way from the Belgrade apartments to this Fortress, do not miss out on the Despot Stefan Lazarevic and the Roman well.

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2. Skadarlija

Also known as the Bohemia Quarter of Belgrade, Skadarlija is popular for the cobblestone streets, Serbian musicians, writers, poets, revolutionaries, and historians. Skadarlija is more like a street than a town, which is flooded with bars, cafes, and restaurants. If you are a foodie, then Skadarlija would definitely be your favorite place.

If good food tickles your fancy, then you shouldn’t remain confined to the Belgrade apartments. You got to go out and explore the streets of Skadarlija. From wine shops & cafes to dessert parlors & breweries, you’d have an amazing time wandering through the street. While you delish on the street food, you can enjoy the local song by street artists. Over time, this small street has become successful in attracting visitors, which led to the development of the tourism sector of Belgrade.

3. Church of St.Sava

No matter how modern people become, they do not seem to forget their culture and religion. As a sign of holding on to their faith, various churches are built across the city. One of them is the Church of Saint Sava, which is the most attractive one in Belgrade. Saint Sava was burnt at that spot in the year 1595 by Ottomans. However, the construction of a church over the site began in 1939 and was finally established in the year 1989. Though the construction process is not yet complete, the unfinished touch adds a layer of authenticity to the church. Every morning when you wake up at your Belgrade apartments, make sure to pay a visit here.

4. Ada Ciganlija

If you plan to visit Belgrade during summers, Ada Cinganlija is the perfect place that you should go for cooling yourself off. Now, who wouldn’t love to get the perfect summer tan, right? Though Belgrade apartments offer your comfort, spending time near the river island, Ada Ciganlija, is fun. Almost half of the city can be found here during the summers.

When the temperature hits 40 degrees C, this place becomes crowded with lots of people. You can enjoy drinks from the bars that surround the area, while you lounge by the river bank. Popularly known as Belgrade’s seaside, it proves to be a perfect place to freshen yourself up. Covered by Oak and Elm forests, the lake, Savskojezero lies on the South of Ada Ciganlija. Also, it offers numerous activities, such as kayaking, rowing, tennis, volleyball, and golf.

5. Avala Tower

Built-in the year 1965, Avala Tower was destroyed by the forces of NATO through bombs in the year 1999. After the renovation, this tower came to be known as one of the highest telecommunication towers in Balkans. People take immense pride in this gigantic tower. However, it was public donations that made the rebuilding of this tower possible.

Located on the city outskirts, it’s established over the Avala Mountain. Being 675 ft. high, this tower is known as the 5 th tallest structure at Serbia. Also, they allow tourists to catch a glimpse by sitting at the observation deck. If you feel like exploring the outskirts, get out of the Belgrade apartments, and explore the nearby areas.

6. House of Flowers

Josip Broz Tito, president of Yugoslavia, was a widely recognized and respected leader. He was also known as the founder of NAM. After his death in the year 1980, he, along with his wife, are buried in one place. The place is also referred to as Tito’s Museum or the House of Flowers.

For some time, his tomb was surrounded by flowers. Now you know why the place was named as such. However, at present, there are no flowers. The place is only covered with white rocks. Initially, it was a garden built for Tito in the year 1975. Later, he announced that he wanted the garden to be his grave. So, if you happen to be in the city, ask the Belgrade apartments services to help you get a cab or taxi so that you can witness the legend’s grave.

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If you are ever planning to visit this place, make sure you confirm your booking by calling Belgrade apartments services. Also, the locals are very welcoming and will never make you feel like an outsider. Whether it’s food, culture, history, or scenic beauty, you will get it all. With several destinations to visit, you are not going to get bored. Be it a family vacation or a trip with friends; this city will make sure you have a good time.

Call to Action

Have you planned a quick vacation? Not sure whether you’ll get a place to stay or not? Well, this isn’t going to be a problem if you’ve hired the services of Stefanon Apartments. Considering your needs, we will provide you with nothing less than the best Belgrade apartments for rent during a holiday. Our rooms are the best combination of luxury and comfort. To help tourists get easy access to public transport, taxi services, subway, and more, we bring you a selection of some amazing apartments that are established in the best locations. Available at reasonable prices, our rooms come will a lot of features such as TV, furniture, bed, Wi-FI, equipped kitchen, and more. So, the next time you plan a trip to Belgrade, ensure earlier bookings with us to avoid last-minute availability issues. You can contact us via mail at [email protected] or give a call at 381644299944.



10 Things You Need to Look For While Renting an Apartment

Moving into another condo can be an exceptionally energizing time for every one of us. In any case, it is essential to not lose track of the main issue at hand and let that fervor outdo you. There can be numerous things amiss with a condo that you may not see with the unaided eye. The condo may even qualify as illicit. Hence, it is critical to do a top to bottom check of the condo before you consent to lease it. One can look out for the new Belgrade Apartments for examples. If the rooms suit you well, you can look for similar kind of experience. 

Here are 10 things you ought to review before leasing another condo.

1. Check the mobile phone gathering

Our mobile phones are more significant in our lives than any other time in recent memory. A huge amount of individuals depend on it for a huge amount of various things from work, to speaking with loved ones, and in any event, monitoring everyday errands. In the event that you can scarcely utilize your telephone in your new condo because of awful gathering, that is a significant issue.

2. Check the water weight and temperature

This is something that ordinarily flies under the radar, yet is something we should manage every single day. There is nothing more awful than wonky water temperature and water pressure that is excessively hard or delicate. While you cant proceed to clean up while examining the loft, you can test the weight and temperature on your hand to ensure its appropriate.

3. Ensure there are no "bugs"

People arent the main things that like to call condos home. In many cases, bothers like bugs and rodents can discover their way in, and that is clearly a gigantic issue for the vast majority.

Having nuisances living in your condo is unsanitary and outright old gross inside and out. The most ideal approach to check for these is to peer inside or on the cupboards to check whether there are any dung there. Likewise, checking the dividers and baseboards for any enormous breaks or gaps is additionally a smart thought. The new Belgrade apartments have an astounding interior. One can take inspiration or move directly if in need to have an affordable home in the nearby region.

In case youre as yet not totally fulfilled solicit the landowner to see duplicates from the latest irritation control medications to the condo as well as the structure.

4. Visit the condo around evening time 

You would be astonished at how a lot of an area or building could change from day to night. It could be splendid, quiet, and safe during the day yet change into dull, turbulent, and risky around evening time.

While you wont have the option to really look at the condo itself during this season of night, you will have the option to ensure the area is up to your measures. You likewise need to make a point to perceive how the lighting around the parking area and loft itself is. An absence of light can now and then concern, however you additionally dont need it to be excessively brilliant.

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5. Check the electrical plugs and electrical work

A huge amount of the things we utilize each day require an electrical plug to work, for example, telephone chargers, kitchen apparatuses, TVs, and so forth. When visiting a loft, you should carry something little to plug into each outlet you can discover to guarantee they all work.

Cant consider anything little to carry with you for testing? Head to your nearby tool shop and buy an Electrical Receptacle Wall Plug AC Outlet Ground Tester. You can discover one for around $5-10 and it will check the circuit status for every individual outlet in the condo. Additionally, test the entirety of the lights all through the condo to ensure they turn now and again as they should. On the off chance that you move in without looking at these and it turns they dont work, you may very well be up the creek without a paddle.

6. Observe the parking area at various times

In the event that you live in a bustling high rise, its absolutely conceivable that you could have 100+ individuals there. That makes the parking garage significant. In the event that there is doled out stopping, it is marginally better, however you have to know the guidelines on the off chance that somebody takes your spot and such.

Be that as it may, if stopping in unassigned, you will need to visit the condo around the time everybody is returning home and leaving for work. This will give you a smart thought of how tumultuous leaving the loft will be and will give you how much rivalry for spots there is after work.

7. Address neighbors if conceivable

In the event that conceivable, its a decent arrangement to attempt to converse with some others who live in the complex. They are past the "wedding trip" stage and have been living there for some time and in this way, know how fortunate or unfortunate living there is. Get some information about any worries they had, things they would prescribe you do, and so forth.

They could likewise likely remark on the support staff and how the landlord(s) have been throughout the months and years. Another tip is seeing whether theres a loft affiliation bunch around that you could converse with first. In case youre never going to budge on a particular loft and youre not entirely certain about the neighbors it probably wont be an ill-conceived notion. The new Belgrade apartments excel in these stuff and hence could not be beaten to the point for a holistic approach to life.

8. Test out the machines

Much the same as you would try out the electrical plugs and electrical work in the condo, trying out machines is a smart thought. Things like stoves, dishwashers, broilers, microwaves, and ice chests are something we need and utilize practically day by day. Investigate every one of these apparatuses top to bottom and ensure that they are in working request.

9. The rent itself

While taking a gander at things all through the loft is significant, it is additionally a smart thought to assess the thing you sign before you get the condo. The rent holds all the data on the understanding and what is normal out of you. Peruse this from front to back and raise any worries you may have before you sign it. Numerous individuals have been amazed by getting the hang of something later on, when it was in their rent or tenant contract from the beginning.

10. Report each debasement

At the point when you are strolling through a condo that you figure you will need to lease, it is imperative to take photos of each contamination. Regardless of whether it is a gap in the divider, a tear in the floor covering or various different things, you have to ensure you have proof of these.

When it comes to leasing an apartment, the new Belgrade apartments steal the show. From the interiors to the holistic approach to life, every aspect of the scenario is carefully articulated and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Are you looking for apartments for rent? Search no more as the Stefanon come with unique spaces that are luxurious and affordable at the same time. For more information visit us for detailed overview. 



Top 7 reasons to opt for an apartment for rent in Belgrade over a hotel

Serviced apartments are the trend of the hour. More and more vacationers and purpose-based visitors are opting to plan a stay with an apartment for rent in Belgrade instead of the classic old hotel. Even though the concept is quite modern, it has surely caught up pretty fast. Serviced apartments have especially been popular among business travelers.

Yes, maybe you would like to go to the hotel rooms if you plan to stay in Belgrade for a day or two. However, the benefits that come with a serviced apartment are way too good to be overlooked. 

Serviced apartments are the trend of the hour. More and more vacationers and purpose-based visitors are opting to plan a stay with an apartment for rent in Belgrade instead of the classic old hotel. Even though the concept is quite modern, it has surely caught up pretty fast. Serviced apartments have especially been popular among business travelers.

Yes, maybe you would like to go to the hotel rooms if you plan to stay in Belgrade for a day or two. However, the benefits that come with a serviced apartment are way too good to be overlooked. 

With elements such as bigger space, better privacy, kitchen facilities, and so much more, why would someone stick to the traditional hotel features? If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are some of the full-proof reasons that might help you make a decision when looking for an accommodation option on your visit to Belgrade. 

Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments

1-Space like never before:

We all have stayed with hotels during our weekend getaways or any other work-related visit to Belgrade. The same old confined space with prices that go higher with an increase in the space inside the room can make things tedious. When out to explore a whole new terrain, you would want everything to be as comfortable and spacious as possible. Serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade gives you a chance to do just that.

In most cases, you will get access to a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment at the price tag, which is same as that of a traditional hotel tariff. This means you no longer have to worry about eating in bed or spilling anything over the duvet. Rather, you can eat at your table. Plus, if you wish to, with the permission of the apartment owner, you can hold in-house meetings or bring in guests for a quick dinner. So, in case you are looking for properly spacious accommodation options, a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade should be your go-to move. 

2-Kitchen for that home-cooked feeling:

Whether you are a great cook or simply love the idea of indulging in a home-cooked meal during your stay at Serbia, a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade would be your ideal choice.

Why so?

You get a whole kitchen to yourself with everything that is needed to cook a great meal. When staying at hotels, you might not like the food being offered to you, or maybe you are bored with the choices available. You surely won’t be allowed in the hotel’s kitchen to cook a quick meal for the day. However, this isn’t the case with a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade.

  • Benefits of having your own kitchen:
  • You decide the ingredients
  • Cook what you want
  • Decide your own time to cook
  • Keep a check on the hygiene


When opting for a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade, you might also get a plethora of facilities that might not be available in a hotel. As discussed already, you get complete access to the apartment’s kitchen. Apart from this, you also get facilities such as:


  • Washing Machine with Tumble Drier
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Landline
  • Patio

Keep in mind that the facilities you can avail will vary from one service provider to another. However, these are some of the essential services you might get when opting for a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade.


Another fantastic thing about serviced apartments is the fact that they offer you the utmost privacy during your stay. Now, you might say the same for hotels. But, you need to keep in mind the fact that hotels welcome different types of guests and a noisy one might be living just in the next room. This leads to an invasion of privacy, and you might end up getting irritated during your stay. With serviced apamrtents for rent in Belgrade, you get access to complete privacy and no one that is on the premise to share your space.

5-Affordable Stay:

Now, this is something that we all look for when planning a vacation or an urgent business meet. Given the fact that Belgrade in an upcoming neighborhood in Serbia, the prices of hotels have been on a steady rise for quite some time. On the other hand, staying at a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade will help you save a lot. Depending on how long you stay, your prices might decrease when opting for serviced apartments. 

Say, for example, you plan on staying in a hotel for 15 days, the price for the same will be equal throughout. However, for longer stays, the serviced apartment owners might charge you less. So, if you are planning on staying longer, an apartment for rent in Belgrade should be your choice of the day. Even if your plans involve a short stay, you will definitely save some bucks when opting for the serviced apartments as opposed to hotel rooms. 


Another reason to choose serviced apartments is the fact that you get access to more choices when it comes to staying in a property that is located in a prime area. With an apartment for rent in Belgrade, you get access to several choices at flexible price tags that are much lower than the hotels that are located in prime areas. 

There might be an instance that you have a meeting at a place that is far away from any hotels or motels. You might end up booking a room in a hotel that is at a much greater distance for an easy commute. So, what can you do in this instance? The key is to opt for a serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade. Chances are, there might be some or at least one or two serviced apartments available in the location of your choice and that too at a price which is much lower than the hotel you have been planning to stay at. 

7-Host Insights:

Well, no one can be a better guide to the city than your landlord. Most owners of the serviced apartment for rent in Belgrade tend to be friendly in their approach. You can know more about the city, along with some hidden insights by asking for recommendations from your host. This will make your stay and visit to the city, a lot more fun when you have an insider’s insight. 


All-in-All, planning your stay at Belgrade should start with serviced apartments as the top choice. With so many amenities, savings, as well as luxurious stay, there is no denying that these apartments are the best bet for anyone visiting Belgrade. Keep in mind that there might be certain rules and regulations that need to be adhered to as listed by the property owner. However, these rules aren’t as strict and won’t affect your stay in any way.

In need of a great apartment for rent in Belgrade? At ApartmaniStefanon, we provide you quick access to some of the best-serviced apartments for rent in Belgrade. Simply visit our website and choose the location of interest along with other specifications to get a complete list of apartments at your service. For any queries, give us a quick call at 381644299944. You can also write to us at [email protected].



Why should you choose Belgrade Center rental apartments for your vacation stay

Traveling trends have taken a hike in recent times. In such a scenario, people are taking more interest in rental apartments more than hotels for short stays. The same situation now persists in Belgrade, Serbia, which has recently become one of the offbeat places that the travel junkies are flocking to. The Belgrade Center Apartments serve the purpose of an alternative for hotel-like accommodation either for a short stay vacation or long-stay business tours. 

All the rental apartments in Belgrade Serbia are provided with furnishings and utensils, which you can use for cooking. The short term tenants can enjoy their vacations entirely without having the out-of-context feeling on their trip. These rental apartments contain all the luxurious arrangements of the hotel rooms but without being hefty in your pocket. You can choose the apartments according to your needs of budget and luxurious accommodations. 

In this article, we have listed a few reasons that tell you why you should go for the rental Belgrade Center Apartments instead of hotels. Dig in to have a clear view of all the reasons that will make your vacation trip memorable. 

1-The homely feels would never leave you:

While traveling is all about leaving the humdrum of life behind, one of the things that we miss is the homely feeling. Although the experience of new sights and sounds is overwhelming, missing the feeling of living in a home is natural. What if you could get both things at a time –you get to travel too without missing out on your stay at home? Now, you must wonder how that is possible. Well, if you rent Belgrade Center Apartments while your trip to Belgrade, you do not have to miss out on the feeling of living under the comforts of your home.

The vacation rentals are one of the smartest imaginations concocted into reality to give you the comfort of your home while you are enjoying your holiday. The familiarity feeling that you get in living in a rental apartment is going to help you relax better. Imagine your day spent in a private pool, while enjoying the sumptuous cuisines served by the seasoned chefs and enjoying the nature, with all the homely feelings.

2-You can beat the crowd:

Getting a vacation is something that is desired by almost anyone, and everyone provided the time and money. But, if you are a frequent traveler, you would know that the biggest annoyance of a vacation trip is the crowd. They can interfere in between the perfect moments and sometimes can come across as intruders as well. If you are not a people person and want some time away in solitude, then renting the Belgrade Center Apartments could be your ultimate escape.

The travel websites that you follow or the magazines that you read to know about a place, never depict the hordes of the crowd that the place attracts. And more often than not, people prefer living in a hotel as compared to any other modes of accommodations. However, sharing the amenities –the pool and the gym or even the bar could come across as a headache. Therefore, you must take your chance to avoid the crowd also while you enjoy your favorite holiday destination. You can do that by renting a serviced apartment and spend your holiday staying in it.

3-Perfect accommodation to spent time with your loved ones:

Housing in your favorite holiday destination could be expensive. It can overpower your budget unless you are prepared to cut corners. If you are planning on traveling with your loved ones –the cost increases to manifold times. You could plan on splitting the bill, but you would still have to compromise on something or the other. This is when the vacation rentals, come into your rescue. Even when you are traveling with your entire family or so to say with five or six of your friends at a time, you can find the perfect Belgrade Center Apartments without having to break your bank balance.

The holiday apartments that you are going to find in Belgrade feature at least two, three, or four bedrooms. You can make your bookings according to your requirements. The rooms are mainly designed to give you your private space so that everyone can enjoy their vacation without having to compromise with their peace of mind. The apartments are not only equipped with ensuite bathroom showers, but you will have the pleasure of gathering up in the common room to spend quality time with your people.

4-Best time to bring on your culinary skills:

One of the perks of traveling is you get to feast on different cuisines of food that you could never have. From fine dining to street favorites, it covers half the fun of traveling to faraway places. However, what do you do when you crave home-cooked food even while you are on your trip? If you choose to stay in a hotel, you can’t do much about it. But, when you go for the Belgrade Center Apartments, you have an entire well-furnished kitchen at your disposal. The kitchens that are provided in the rental apartments are, most of the time, well equipped.

The best part about these kitchens is you can have a good time bringing up your culinary skills while you are sharing the apartment with your loved ones. You can even host a private barbecue party, including the inmates sharing the apartment with you. Make use of the modern appliances to whip up the food items of your choice and serve them on cutlery and crockery of your choice. When you opt for a vacation rental that comes along with a complete kitchen, the dining needs of everyone can be successfully met.

Bottom Line:

Whenever you are planning on taking a holiday and are convinced to book the rental apartments, then you must keep one thing in mind. That is, the holiday apartment shouldn’t merely be an ample space because that is not what you are going to enjoy during your vacation. You must lookout for the necessary accommodation facilities and make sure the apartment that you are booking gives you the homely feeling just as the Belgrade Center Apartments. The main agenda behind booking an apartment on your holiday trip is not to miss out on the comfortable and cozy atmosphere of a home. 

If you are planning a trip to Belgrade and are in need of Belgrade Center Apartments, you can get in touch with us at Apartmani Stefanon. We have all sorts of options to offer to you that will cater to your needs. To make your bookings or to know more about the apartments, you can call us at +381 64 42 999 44. You could also drop us an email at [email protected] or make a Skype call at stefanon.apartmani.